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TechnoTouch • Oct 20, 2008

Need help urgently: Suggest programmable board and sensors

Hi everybody ..
this is my first thread in this superb forum 😀
i'm studying computer engineering in my last year. i'm required to design a project at the end of january , 2009.

my idea was designing a black box for the cars (a tool which can be used to visualize the car accident). all i need is a microcontroller and sensors. the hardest part is i'm not familiar with this hardware components! i cannot choose what i need exactly to order!! please, anybody can tell me what is the best suitable programmable handy board and sensors i really need ? mention their names and from where i can order them .

note: i need sensors that capture the distance, speed, acceleration , and sound recorders.
i'd rather some new technology components.

Thanks alot 😀
TechnoTouch • Oct 21, 2008
please i need you suggestions .. HELP! 😔
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Oct 21, 2008
Any help here, fellas? Our friend needs urgent help.

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