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Need help in Clearance measurement, microController interface

Question asked by web_bug2005 in #Coffee Room on Mar 8, 2010
web_bug2005 · Mar 8, 2010
I am an electrical engg.. doing a final year project.
its used to find the clearance between any 2 objects.

the output of the clearance sensor is a voltage..
im using ADC0804 to convert it into digital.

Earlier i thought i could interface the adc to the trainer kits available in my college.. but i realized its not possible..

so tomo im going to buy a micro controller. and make the connections .

But i dont know how to
1> interface Uc with some display.

had searched on the net and i got this https://www.nerdkits.com/media/usb_nerdkit_homepage.jpg (some connection like this would be favourable)

2> i need to do this on a bread board
(cant spend time to get a pcb made)

3> i got a keil program for adc0804 interfacing with 8051 using Port 0..
Analog to Digital converter (ADC) interfacing with Microcontrollers tutorial: Interfacing ADC0804 : 8051 Microcontroller Projects AVR PIC Projects Tutorials Ebooks Libraries codes
but the connections are not easy to figure out. the diagram is obvious but how do i physically do it?

😕 Posted in: #Coffee Room

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