Need Career Guidance!!

Hello everyone,

I am very confused about the thought that should i go for Database or a Networking career.I dont have that much relevant exp in networking(just 6 months bpo exp in n/w process) though i have a interest in it.

Presently i m working in database management but that is also not a core technical job.Should I GO for a CCNA certification and then see where am i going to land or NOT ?
Life is totally messed up guys!!!!!! please help me.....


  • Differential
    Life is totally messed up guys!!!!!! please help me.....
    If such small things are making life messed, what about real challanges ?? πŸ˜€
    Now, no one, I think, would be able to give very straight answer for your question ! Both the fields are good and have same challanges. I would rather suggest go for the one in which you are interested..........and most importantly listen to your heart.
  • Kaustubh Katdare
    Kaustubh Katdare
    Devesh, relax! We are here to help you πŸ˜€ !

    You love networking and you are aiming for CCNA. So why even think about DBMs?

    You'll have the most rewarding career if you do what you love or love what you do.

    If this doesn't help, post more details and help us understand your problem / issues / concerns .
  • devesh
    the problem is that its been a year i am passed out from the college and what i think i had wasted my time doing a bpo for 7 months( thanks to dollar downfall jobs in mkt!!!) and then working with one of the 5 big IT companies(SWITCH) and to top that, there is no work to do,nothing to learn,no training.They have made my life hell just bcoz there is nothing to work,nothing to grow,nothing to outperform......
    I even dont know D of Databases and they made me monitor that and check for errors.This is the only work i do(even bpo was much better!!!...)
    BIG_K i dont want to sit idle.....
    i think i should go for CCNA and leave this company as soon as possible as now i came to know that what matters is your work and not the brand nameπŸ˜”

    Just one thing to clear from you that after doing CCNA what are the job prospects and will i be able to get a better entry??????
    any answers??????

    I really need ur help........πŸ˜”
  • Kaustubh Katdare
    Kaustubh Katdare

    Now you are onto something. Unless you describe your problem/issues in details, its difficult to give advice.

    I understand your problem - and it is the problem faced by most of the Indian IT engineers. Not enough good work to do - leads to frustration. Anyway.

    Regarding your query, I see that you have 7 months of work experience in network processes. I'm not sure if you actually gained exposure to 'networking concepts' & some good knowledge of networking. CCNA will surely help - it wil give you knowledge & an edge over the others, but I believe you should wait. We do see advertisements especially for CCNAs - but they all demand few years of experience.

    Looking at current IT scenario in India, candidates with about 1 years of experience are not in demand. So here's my recommendation for you -
    1. Start preparing for CCNA right away. While you do not have lot of work in the office - you can work on CCNA studies.
    2. Talk to your managers / team leaders about your interests, aspirations and ask for a change of job. I'm sure they can shift you to networking related role in the organization. Make sure you do a neat homework before you talk to your managers. Do it today!
    3. It won't hurt to actually find out if anyone is interested in hiring you. Update your resume and post it on any of the leading job sites. Wait for the call while you crack the CCNA exam.
    Sitting idle is about 'choice'. Why don't you invest time in learning as much as you can about databases and networking? You'll be equipped with some real good stuff when you finally decide to make another SWITCH.

    What do you say?
  • devesh
    Thanks a lot BIG_K......
    u really made me think in the positive direction.........
    Now i'll try really hard to make it BIG.....Just wait for the gud news from my side...
    I just love CE😁😁😁
  • sumir_kumar
    Hi CEan's I just want to know what is the scope for CCNA as I have done it and will be cracking the exm in one or two weeks .I am in final year and also preparing for CCNP on my own and doing some wireless(CWNA) self study also ....actually I want to know that are there sufficient oppurtunities for me with this much knowledge or I need to do some more
  • Gopal Dinesh
    Gopal Dinesh
    Please check following points for choosing your future path.

    2.Go through some psychological tests to find your skills and abilities
    3.Discuss with some authority you know having rich experience in HR about the result of the psychological tests.
    4.Don't look towards results as lacking but as the improvement areas to improve.
    5.Know various areas in HR like Training and development, Personnel laws,Administration, time office, other legal compliances, counseling, recruitment, policy making, strategic HR, HR audits,career planning etc. Some areas stated here are covered under HR in some organizations only.
    6.Choose your INTEREST area.
    7.Know the courses available in that area from various universities.
    8.Remember when your working area is your INTEREST area you will never get tense in your life & you can deliver the best results.

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