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l0rd • Feb 23, 2008

My lappy shows BSD error guys help plzzzzzzzz

Hello frnds
i own sahara le1n series laptop.(not sure of model no. but might be NB5610-L1)
my system turns off after few minutes after starting it.
there is no overheating.

hence i tired installing fresh xp copy. the cd is fine n working but in lappy it gives several errors that files are corrupted.(specially script files and browsing services.)
also most of the time while coping system installation files (during installation, after formating drive) laptop often turns off.

i also tried installing win98se. installation is fine. but at the final stage when sys checks for peripherals n drivers (while only 10-12 min remaining for completion) the system always gives blue screen error.(i forgot error code).
and system hangs forever.

plzz help me out
i need win98se in my lappy. but xp too will be accepted.
plzz help on shutting off problem.
l0rd • Feb 23, 2008
(note---system Doesnt Get Overheated)
mahul • Feb 23, 2008
i dunno if this going to work but u may well try

first (this q might seem a bit stupid) hope ur lappy did not show any of the above described symptoms b4, that is u have successfully installed os on it b4

try rebuilding ur master boot record

to do this just type "fdisk /mbr" after booting up with dos command prompt

do keep us posted
l0rd • Feb 27, 2008
yeah buddy
whtever i hav wrote is prefect. b4 i hav installed os many a times.
n never got any prob. n fixing mbr is not a gr8 deal coz my os boots, but there is a prob with certain files and the systems shuting off.

Also i hav taken precaution of viruses so there is no scope for tht.
well might be u misunderstood the prob.
note: i hav completely formated hdd with its formal formating code in dos.
mahul • Feb 27, 2008
try this out if u can, this might help pin point the root of the problem, try booting with a linux live cd and see what happens, please post the results and we might have a better idea where the bug might be.
l0rd • Feb 29, 2008
thx buddy
i hav done it before same thng repeats
I hav 1 doubt plz help. i think there is a prob with certain addr of mem. module. can this lead to my prob??
coz several times as i mentioned while installing it shut offs at certain point.
tht means a certain addr is corrupt.
to make sure i performed a mem test using fedora 8 dvd (mem test included at boot). After 60% it shuts off. i repeated test twice, same results.
hence i tried installing linux mint.(note:mint use effectively less mem).tht means it might not hav reached tht cd worked but while installing mint after some time it hangs forever.

can mem b a prob.?
n Mahul i m really graceful to u,tht u r helping me out. thank u.
l0rd • Feb 29, 2008
it uses 256mb sdram (so-dimm) 400/333 ddr1

this is stated on manual. i m not sure of freq. might b 333hz.
mahul • Feb 29, 2008
Well memory might be a prob. and 1 way to check that would be to try out with a different RAM 4 ur laptop. If the problem persists then the problem might not be there, else it's almost certainly the ram(the mem test fails too).

There's 1 more thing u cd try out(since u mentioned that the machine boots successfully with a live cd). Try a live cd with numerous applications(if u can think of nothing else get 1 with video players, i know of knoppix that supports a full fledged player and i'm pretty sure there are others) and try opening lots of applications simultaneously so that good amount of system memory wd be required. Notice ur system response.

And cut out the thanxx buddy, after all this is what crazy engineers is for isn't it. and i'm sure u will help me out next, so it all comes back.

well best of luck and do keep us posted.
friendster7 • Mar 2, 2008
do u have warranty for ur laptop.if so do give it to them and get it repaired...

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