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My Internship Experience at HCL technologies

Question asked by Supraja Ramesh in #Internships on Jul 21, 2015
Supraja Ramesh
Supraja Ramesh · Jul 21, 2015
The days which were much expected,enjoyed and will be cherished in my life was my first internship at HCL during my second semester holidays.When I decided to go for a internship, I surfed the internet for an opportunity and I shortlisted HCL.Then I went to the branch nearer to my residence to enquire about it and after consulting with my parents I enrolled it.Since selection process was direct I found it easier to enroll myself.May 25th was the date on which it commences.I was so much excited that I could not wait for even a day.Finally the much awaited day arrived,with brimming enthusiasm and a mixture of happiness with fear I stepped into the HCL office.The first day was a training session on embedded systems with many other interns having a wide knowledge on that field I was initially feeling low for not having a diverse knowledge on these things being an engineering student.The trainer who came for us had a great depth of knowledge on that field and helped me out by teaching the concepts from the basics.On the following days we were given projects on writing programs for the micro controllers.Though I felt hard in the beginning to compete with students who were seniors to me, later I started to cope up with my work.I was accompanied by friendly but competitive interns with whom I felt comfortable to work and share my thoughts.Day by day our swiftness in work and confidence improved which made me forget that I was still a student.

When I was saturated with books and was in a thirst of learning practically this internship gave me more than what I wanted.I enjoyed it so much that I didnt wanted it to end at all.Learning through practical knowledge is what I feel reaches everyone quicker than through books, these internships are the best way to achieve it.I was lucky that I got the best place to get this experience which multiplied my interests and made me eager to attend my next internship.

- By Supraja.R
College: SASTRA University
Internship @ HCL technologies
Duration: 5 days Posted in: #Internships

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