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@Vishal Sharma • 27 Oct, 2013
which technique is better!??
Memory fixed type or Memory variable type!?
@avii • 27 Oct, 2013 depends, but mostly MVT.
@Vishal Sharma • 28 Oct, 2013
depends, but mostly MVT.
windows uses MFT i think??
@avii • 29 Oct, 2013
windows uses MFT i think??
why do you think like that ?
@Vishal Sharma • 29 Oct, 2013
why do you think like that ?
if you go for defragmentation in windows, you'll see the programs being allocated after some spaces not together! and MVT allocates the complete thing at once!
So I feel windows follows MFT
@avii • 29 Oct, 2013 Windows defragments RAM or HDD ? and MFT/MVT applies to RAM or HDD ?
@Vishal Sharma • 29 Oct, 2013
Windows defragments RAM or HDD ? and MFT/MVT applies to RAM or HDD ?
I don't have any idea! would appreciate if you help increasing my knowledge in this topic
@avii • 29 Oct, 2013 Go through these :

You are just confused little and mixing up topics. These links should clear your doubts.

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