Muzik Launches Social Headphones For $299

Muzik, a Miami startup that makes headphones has launched the world's first and only 'socially connected, smart headphones'. The headphones not only let you listen to some high quality sound; but also tell your friends about it. The headphones have the built-in ability to connect with your friends and post the songs you're listening to on your social networking accounts and even add them to your playlist. The social features, however will take out $299 out of your pockets.


The founder & CEO of Muzik, Jason Hardi says that he started Muzik with an aim of building products to connect people and to develop world's smartest headphone. In just 9 months, his company has come up with the 'social smartware', the term company has trademarked, which will make it easier for people to stay connected.

Hardi says that he likes what Google's doing with Google Glass, and wants to do the same for the ears. The new Muzik headphones have 4 buttons on the right cup that allow for saving music tracks to your playlists and also share them on Facebook, Twitter and Muzik app. The headphones maintain connection with your mobile phone via Bluetooth.

The startup has already received about $3.3 million in funding and the company is in talks with series B funding. We'd like to know how many of you like the idea of having your headphones posting the tracks you're listening to on Facebook?

Would you consider buying one?


  • lal
    I don't see it appealing. I meant the social feature it has. Definitely the design and looks are attractive. I can do the 'social things', if I want, with just an app running in my smart phone. I don't need to buy this thing to get connected.

    I don't get it! Why do people want to advertise what they do in every second of their life? Who cares if you hear this song or not hear that song! It is kind of a show off.
  • Anil Jain
    Anil Jain
    looks good, considering it fulfills following wishes.
    - Allows me to manage my friends
    - Gives me a easy option to select which friend's song I want to listen
    - download that song for me and add that to play list.
    - A good customer service grantee

    If this headphone can do this for me, then $299 is not TOO much. Anyways BOSE asks similar or more amount without these cool features.

  • Gandalf
    Yep I agree to lal , we do not need advertise things such as songs we listen , genre of songs we like .

    I think the Headphones should serve the purpose of good Music , BOSE does it awesomely , the Social Headphone concept does hit the right notes for me

    Though it might tune well with those who want to share Music they are listening among friends 😀
  • Anil Jain
    Anil Jain
    Yep I agree to lal , we do not need advertise things such as songs we listen , genre of songs we like .
    I believe headphone is coming with a feature that you may like to listen the songs that your friends may be listening. It is *NOT* forcing you to listen to that?

    Regarding advertising, I am sure it will have some preferences features to manage that.

  • Gandalf
    I I am sure it will have some preferences features to manage that
    As i see through its features
    1. The first and only intelligent headphone system
    2. Instantly share, discover, and control music at the touch of a finger
    3. Crystal clear sound and total noise isolation
    4. An iPhone and Android app that learns while you listen

    It indeed uses a iPhone and Android app , and which learns what you listen
    1. It can suggest you songs may be , thats what intelligent means to me

    I am still not convinced with ntelligent headphone system it claims to be. We need to dig through what it actually offers.

    If it offers a SIRI like or anywhere near intelligent system in its servers , It will sell

    I would like to know how would Cean interpret "only intelligent headphone system"
  • Anoop Mathew
    Anoop Mathew
    This headphone is a good to go in my opinion. The further developments on this could lead to easier and simpler technology than we had imagined before. The effects of further research could be as follows:

    1. The future of memory devices lies in cloud. Less number of memory cards have to be manufactured.

    2. If you're always on the move and need to tune in to the internet radio or even an FM radio - Why do you have to waste your phone's charge to listen to a song when you could just connect to wifi. For this you've to imagine the world of tomorrow with internet connectivity everywhere (wifis hotspots located everywhere).

    3. Less use of those iritating wires.

    4. Give it a good battery and a smartware first smart chip (kind of like a processor)

    5. Think about other cool technology that you can integrate to this headphone. You could all combine this tech with that of Google glass and create a faster device.

    P.S: Frankly, I am tired of carrying around a phablet. It's time we found ways to shrink technology. Imagine what the result would be if you had just a smart spectacles with which you could handle all your calls, entertainment needs, take awesome photos,etc - all by use of your voice and totally hands free?

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