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Mountain Lion Developer Preview 4 Updated; Includes Facebook Integration & Power Nap

Question asked by cooltwins in #Coffee Room on Jun 19, 2012
cooltwins · Jun 19, 2012
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Mountain Lion Developer Preview 4 for developers has been updated by Apple. New Facebook integration features and Power Nap functionality are being incorporated in the updated version. WWDC saw the release of original Preview 4 and now Apple has released the update without offering a new update number, not that it is something new.  The final release of Mountain Lion might be in the next month but you can not expect the fully integrated Facebook to be included in the initial version because the company’s official page for Mountain Lion says that the Facebook Integration can be expected in the fall or around the time when iOS is expected to release.
When the Facebook integration between Macs and iOS devices is done, it will allow the user to have a constant experience even as they shift between devices. Now according to this new update Facebook notifications, including options for friend requests, wall posts, comments, events and other items, are integrated into the Mountain Lion’s Notification Center.



The other feature being introduced is the Power Nap. It allows the device go into sleep and also perform a periodic check for email, calendar changes, software updates and other iCloud data. The possible machines supported for this model are aluminum 2008 and newer MacBooks, iMacs and MacBook Pros from mid-2007 and newer, the MacBook Air, Mac Pros from 2008 and newer, Mac minis from 2009 and newer, and Xserve machines from 2009 but this list may not be the final one.


For those using the developer preview, You must erase it before upgrading to the final release. The update changes the build number to 12A248 (up from 12A239) and is 1.08GB in size. OS X Mountain Lion will sell for $20, one-third less than either Snow Leopard or Lion.

Source: MACNN Posted in: #Coffee Room

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