• "Motorola Project Ara Is Here For Doing To Hardware What Android Did To Software Is Here For Doing To Hardware What Android Did To Software" was how our Editor reacted when the project was first announced, and pushing the same reaction towards reality is this collaboration between Google-owned Motorola and 3D Systems. To the uninitiated, Project Ara is a vision to develop modular smartphones, where users shall be able to individualize and customize their smarts better, by swapping out parts like battery and camera till users 'develop' a phone that defines them. And how are they possibly doing this, you ask? Well, in 3D-printing lies your answer.


    Motorola has Photo Release -- 3D Systems and Motorola Partner on with the global 3D-printing manufacturing company, which shall be its 'multi-year' production partner once this project kicks off.

    Much flak has been received by this project, but countering them all is the pat in the back offered by former DARPA director and present-Google exec Regina Dugan, and of course Google is doing every bit it could in the development of the same. Keep watching this space to know more about Project Ara.
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  • Anoop Mathew

    MemberNov 23, 2013

    Love this! Just hope that the circuits they build have the strength to withstand what could possibly be rough usage. If the concept from ink to reality turns out well, then we could expect exchanging various 'parts' with friends as shown in the store.
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