mobile charger that can be used when moving on a vehicle

i want to make a mobile charger that can be used when moving on a vehicle
It works on the principle of a DC dynamo and the rotational kinetic energy is provided by a fan, which is rotated by the wind

the kinetic energy of wind is converted into the rotational kinetic energy of the fan and then to electrical energy which the help of magnets and then used to charge the battery of a mobile

can u please suggest me if my idea is enough innovative to get selected ?


  • ashishgupta652
    i think its not possible as it needs a lot of time to work on,.,and which is not possible while driving a vehicle,.,
    someone else do comment there views,.,
  • Voltaire
    Good idea. Especially on trains and buses...
  • Kaustubh Katdare
    Kaustubh Katdare
    Yes I like the idea!
  • 070790vivek
    Why u don't use dynamo with wheels of the vehical.
    Your idea is very good it will sure work specialy in trains
  • gohm
    That is a good idea, I've only seen portable solar chargers, not wind. If the two could be combined, that would be a great package.
  • Capt Spark
    Capt Spark
    hmm.. good idea.
    how about a pendulam mechanism like one we had long back in the automatic winding wrist watches our parents had?
    They had one pendulum / eccentric mass inside which oscilates while walking or moving the hands and ultimately some mechanism converted that movements of the mass to rotation of a gear.
    This may not be good while driving, but can charge our devices while walking...
  • jayanth4p
    the simple way to design this charger is-
    connect the two terminals of a simple dc motor of required voltage to the mobileand place to motor fixed with the fan in a position to allow it rotete!
    it generates an emf due to the motion of the fan!

    generally 6 volts for nokia
    i tried it with a 12v 2400rpm motor!

    trust me
    IT WORKS!!!!
  • aj_onduty
    A group of college students in Kerala have done this. They had found themselves and their invention a place in Malayalam newspapers for this. It works well, they used it near fans and also wherever they can find some wind.
  • d_vipul
    Nice idea........
  • shreyasm89
    Your idea is very good but I'm afraid it must be tried and tested. I know people who have made shoes-mobile chargers which are attached to your shoes and utilise your walking energy to give an o/p of about 9V (we require 5V).Not to discourage you but you can use the same thing for a heavier application requiring more power. Nevertheless if you want to go ahead with the idea we'll be moe than happy to help...😀.

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