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Micromax Q7-Q75 Showdown - A comparing session between the two low priced wonders

Question asked by ajitk in #Gadgets on Jan 20, 2011
ajitk · Jan 20, 2011
I bought a Micromax Q75 last November. I bought it after a very good friend of mine said that he has bought Q7 and it has got a very nice performance statistics. So, I thought that Q75 would be better. I researched about it. I loved the specs and I thought that it’s worth buying for that price (Rs. 5300). I bought it. The sleek chocolate-bar like body made me feel so seduced, that the next day, I wrote about it in the Crazy Engineers Forum. You would love to read it.

I then came down to see my friend and we compared our phones, just for fun. And to my shock, the comparing revealed that Q75 is not totally superior to Q7. I rubbed my eyes, pinched myself, but the things didn’t change. I simply couldn’t believe it.

Micromax Q75

I know, I know. You are really dying to know what those problems are which the Q75 has and the Q7 doesn’t. So, let me come by every point which I discovered. Some of them are minute details, and I am also discussing the better points about my phone too. That is because it pains when someone speaks ill about your priced possession. And it pains more if you are that someone.

The first thing we look when we compare two multimedia phones is the camera quality. We hit our space bars and on came the options. We have kept camera as our first option. Both of us pressed 1, and on came the camera. So far, so good. To my shock, I saw that his camera was better when it came to image capturing. Even though I had more pixels (3.2 compared to 2MP in Q7), his camera had better image stability. Still my camera did two things better than his. For a stable hand and a still scene, Q75 is better to take pictures. Also, Q75 is better for video capture.

Now, He played an .avi video in his phone. He sent it to me. I tried to play it, but I could only play the sound. I felt like banging my head. Q75 cannot play high quality .avi videos. Then I played another video in my phone ad sent it to him. He played it. We found out that the display quality in Q75 is better than Q7. Also, the sound quality is better. The theme of the video player in Q75 inhales (more polished word for suc*s), but the music player looks very, very cool. The video player in Q& looks very good, but the music player looks really bad. It is too flashy.

I laughed aloud when he said that his thing supports only 4GB expandable memory. I have an 8GB memory card inside mine. My phone is almost two times heavier than his, and is bigger than his phone. But mine is more stylish than his. The menu looks good in both, the beauty is in the eye of the observer.

Micromax Q7

He was looking for some file in a folder deep down inside some location. He went in to pictures, family, blah blah blah… and I was shocked again when each folder was opened by just a flick to the right. And to go back, you just need to roll the track ball back. In Q75, you need to take options>open for every folder. Strenuous job, isn’t it? Then he wanted to send me some pictures of a ceremony that took place in his home.  All the pictures were in one folder. All he did was options>mark all>send>via Bluetooth. I remembered that I don’t have the option ‘mark all’. And I cannot mark more than 50 objects in one go. Also, his listing showed more files in the same screen. His showed four while mine showed only two files at a time.

Well, to sum up, there are a few better sides and flip sides when we compare both these beasts. Both are having almost the same price. And taking any of them would do, as a price of just above Rs. 5000 gives you a hell lot of other options like Wi-Fi and other advanced ones.  So, if you are trying to decide which one you are going to take, use your own brain, your selection must depend on what you need. For me, Q75 is beautiful.

I will give you one suggestion. If you do not want any of the features like Wi-Fi, and you are not a texter (like me), and you love to watch movies on the go, I would suggest you to buy Micromax Qube. You would love it. It can play anything you put in, anything that is an .avi. Posted in: #Gadgets

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