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omya_816 • Aug 9, 2008

Microcontroller based data acquisition system

What to do exactly in microcontroller based data acquisition system for measurement time display of physical quantity such as temp,pressure,level dispacement flow & humidity😕
amolhshah • Aug 9, 2008
Most of the sensors have analog output so you will require an ADC to convert the analog voltage into digital
there can be two kinds of DAS
  1. Online Tracking i.e. the data to be monitored is directly sent to the final recording device eg. PC
  2. Offline Tracking i.e. the data to be monitored is stored temporarily in the memory & later on it is connected to the PC where the whole log is copied.
The parameters are monitored on real time basis
In Online tracking you wont require memory or RTC or memory for recording as the PC is used, in offline tracking you will require an RTC, EEPROM (for temporary storage)
now wot kind of DAS are you planning to do? 😒
omya_816 • Aug 10, 2008
Hey amol..... thak u very much.....
Tell me if i giv temp,pressure flow...etc as a input signals to d multiplexer,after converting dem into electrical signal, will it work????

Is the following sequence correct???

i/p signal-transducer-signal conditioning block- a/d converter- microcontroller- interfacing-display...
amolhshah • Aug 11, 2008
why do u require a d multiplexer? just use a higher channel ADC like ADC 0808 8 channel, 8 bit ADC check this Link for ADC 0808 interfacing DNA TECHNOLOGY - Interfacing ADC0808 To 8051or if you need higher bit ADC then use the MCP 3210/02/04/08 which is a 12 bit ADC and the last two digits represents the number of channels

yes the sequence is correct
omya_816 • Aug 11, 2008
hey amol.....
What that digging is???
Is it necessary to see the project which I want....??
That link is excellent....
confused abt digging.....
amolhshah • Aug 11, 2008
dude Digg is a place for people to discover and share content from anywhere on the web. From the biggest online destinations to the most obscure blog, Digg surfaces the best stuff as voted on by our users, so if you like the link you can submit it to digg by clicking on the digg icon....check out Digg - All News, Videos, & Images

There are more tutorials, articles and sample codes at my site, like LCD interfacing which will be useful in your project... 😁
eni • Aug 12, 2008
hey shah. i'm supossed to do my final project. so please help me with any idea to enable my do the project. my course is instrumantation and control.
Why dont you begin first???and start sharing ur roadbloacks!!!everyone out here will help u
omya_816 • Aug 12, 2008
Hey amol.......
You have done a superlative job...........
Thanx for helping me dude.......
i got whatever i want...
Hats off to u HUNK...
ddspliting • Aug 12, 2008
In an EFI project of car engine(we used 1sz Toyota Vitz engine) we selected Motorola 68HC11 micro-controller in early project phase. Good thing is this MCU has built-in ADC which i guess maybe present in other micro-controllers too. So it ll be better to use those MCUs with built in ADC.
For learners, 8051 is better...
amolhshah • Aug 12, 2008

😒 hey eni, saurav is right why dont you give a idea or concept that you want to do or maybe you have seen somewhere and liked it very much and we will help you with that, scratch ur head a bit dude
eni • Aug 14, 2008
thanks dude, letme start scratching my head when i get the idea i'll post it for you help. thanks
shail • Aug 20, 2008
What to do exactly in microcontroller based data acquisition system for measurement time display of physical quantity such as temp,pressure,level dispacement flow & humidity😕
how do i do image processing using microcontrollers
vasista2004 • Feb 4, 2011
sir , i want to do this project can u kindly furnish details with codes and how much was the cost of implementing sir ..kindly send me details sir to

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