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Meet Trips: Upcoming Travel App From Google

Yesterday we talked about how Google was making your life easier at work by automatically scheduling meetings. Today we are here to talk about how Google can help you with your leisure. Google is apparently working on a new Android app called Trips that aims to serve as your travel agent for your vacation trips. The Google Trips app works by combining smart features of Google Now with your travel itinerary. Just like the Google Calendar app, the Trips app has been made to work automatically by accessing information from other Google apps such as Gmail. Let us say you have mails about your plane tickets and hotel reservations from your upcoming trip. The Google Trips app will mine for that information and create a travel plan for you on the app. One of the best things about this app is that it lets you download the information offline so you do not have to waste on your precious mobile data when you are aboard.

Google Trips App (5) Google Trips App (1)
Google Trips App (2) Google Trips App (3) Google Trips App (4) Google Trips App (6) Google Trips App (7) Google Trips App (8)
Information about the Google Trips app came into light when a German news blog called AndroidWorld stumbled upon screenshots of the Google Trips app. The Google Trips app is currently under beta testing and it has been handed over to the community members of Local Guides which is a crowd sourced platform for local information. While the app trawls in your Gmail account it can also build up your travel plans for the places you visited in the past. If you do not want the Google Trips app to snoop into your Gmail account, you can add the information about your trip manually.

Since Google has access to a huge database of local information, the Trips app becomes handy when you reach your destination. Google suggests not only transportation information it also suggests the things you can do and places you should visit during your trip. As we said earlier all this information is available for you offline. The Google Trips app will come out of beta and into the Play Store sometime later this year.

Source: 9To5 Google

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