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McDonald's Team Has Reengineered Its Straws Using Fluid Dynamics To Revamp Its Shamrock Shakes

Straws are one of those few things which have worked perfectly since ages, without any requirement of design variations. Clearly, McDonald’s has a totally different take on it. On 15th February, McDonald’s launched a totally re-designed straw or STRAW (Suction Tube for Reverse Axial Withdraw) so that customers can enjoy the Shamrock Shake drinks better. This J-shaped straw was built with the help of the Fibonacci sequence, an integer sequence attributed to the mathematical genius Leonardo Fibonacci.

The Newly Developed STRAW

The obvious question will be: Was there a real need or it is just another fancy development? According to the company, changes were much needed for how they wanted the customers to savour the Mc Café original, Chocolate Shamrock Shake, which is a dual flavor drink (mint flavor on top of chocolate). The straw will have to deliver the chocolate and mint flavor in equal ratio whenever you take a sip. It appears that the traditional straw is incapable of such feat, so JACE and NK Labs were brought in for rescue.


According to Seth Newberg, principal engineer and managing partner at NK Labs, it was quite difficult to obtain a proportional fluid flow from physics point of view. After months of toiling over it, STRAW was made and is apparently going to take the Shamrock experience to another level. Aside from the chocolate Shamrock Shake flavor, you can also use the STRAW to enjoy the enhanced flavor of three other Shamrock Shake beverages: Shamrock Chocolate Chip Frappe, Mocha, and Hot Chocolate.

STRAWs will be available in Mc Cafés of 80 different cities along with the arrival of Shamrock drinks in next few weeks to commemorate St. Patrick's Day. McDonald’s has declared that only 2000 such straws will be available which is a bit unfortunate for some. The company is also going to donate 0.25 $ on purchase of every Shamrock Shake.

Source: McDonald’s , TechTimes

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