Materials Project- New Google For Material Scientists

You won’t need to be a chemistry freak for searching materials now onwards. MIT and Lawrence& Berkeley National Laboratory have brought before you a whole new range of materials if you are busy in some project. Let us say, the people from these organizations have just brought a new Google for searching materials called #-Link-Snipped-# and finding the most specific for your experiments.


It is seen that everyday greater amount of research is done in laboratories and Universities across the world but not much is available for you if you are beginner. The website by MIT and Berkeley lab provides you with a database of the materials which everyone has studied. Not just that, the secret tool which this website holds is the calculation which can help you in your findings with unprecedented ease.

The tool by MIT and Berkeley labs is much above than being just a database. Seeing the rising trend among scientists and the difficulties arising out of more than a 100,000 inorganic compounds and materials, the website so developed saves lot of your preparatory work. In other words you can proceed with ease for designing new systems in the field of technology.

The site is well versed with the recent technological trends and hence if your project has anything to do with Lithium-ion battery, studying phase diagrams, predicting material structure or knowing more about the characteristics of a chemical reaction, all you have to do is to visit the above mentioned website and have your say. The tools which run the site being free for anyone to use can be accessed by anyone for a few minutes. For extra work which you might find intriguing can be finished off by registering at website which is also free of cost. ‘Materials Project’ lets you use the computers at Berkeley labs upon special request and you can get to know more about the properties of materials even before you actually set out to work.

Many organizations working the field of enhancing present day clean energy utilities have availed the benefits of this innovative concept. The results are a collective wisdom of years of research and an outcome of MIT’s Genome Materials project initiated in 2006. The result prediction is revised after each discovery and as the time passes on, the output delivered when you pose a question will only get accurate. If not all, you can at least take the results from Materials Project as guiding principles and proceed on your own.

500 firms and laboratories have been benefitted from this data base cum advisor. Have you?


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