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KINETIC_JOULES • Jul 28, 2008

Making a speaker cabinet

Heres the thing. I want to make a homemade speaker cabinet. My plan it to put 2, 10" vintage speakers, 2, 12" bass speakers. My plans for the dimensions were 4 X 2 X 1. (That being feet in height, 2 feet in width, and 1 foot in depth.)
I want to make it where I can have volume control over all three sets of speakers, and different types of audio/stereo plug-ins. I do realize that this is simple, but what I'm asking is how would I put together the volume controls and plug-in's? Also, anyone have any tips on making this cabinet?
yudi • Jul 28, 2008
hi joules

may this article help u...
Shavano Music Online - A Speaker Cabinet Project, in Words and Pictures

best of luck
KINETIC_JOULES • Jul 29, 2008
Thanks for the link! And just call me Ty.

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