Make A Person Disappear In To Thin Air Using Your Video Camera

Here is an old Videography Trick for the Video geeks. Using this one you can make a video in which an object can be made to disappear into thin air! All you need to make this one is a video camera [ we will just say camera from this point ] and a tripod stand for the camera. In case you dont have a tripod find some suitable place where you can place your camera so that it does not shake. The camera must have the capability to pause in between recordings.. i.e it must be able to stop recording at some point and then continue with the same video file wihtout creating a new file. Even if your camera dont have this capability we can make it all happen. Place the camera in the tripod and tell some one to come in front of it. Record for a while and then pause the recording. Tell the person to move away from the frame and then continue recoding for some more time. Now stop recording and see the video. It appears as if the person have disappeared into the air! If your camera dont have the function to pause between recordings then shoot the two parts as separate videos and then combine them in your PC using some video editing software. Add some kind of music to the video to make your audience thrill. When you are doing this care must be taken not to shake the camera. Also take care while you press the pause button in between. The slightest shake will spoil the effect. Use the remote control if your recorder has one. Good Luck!

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    Lmao. . . I've actually done this before! It's really fun! We've also tried it with someone's hat, so it looks like the hat is going around his head without anyone touching it! ^_^
  • arunbasillal
    I am relly amased by the speed of this forum. Its like a chat window..
    I know. . right?
  • vishnuj17
    yaar we hav made videos lik people falling into water and all those sorts. but the timing of ur pause and record must be d best. it luks real😁
  • kashish0711
    lolz thats a good technique
    Here are the best camera tricks of all time
    you will be amazed 😁

    FUNNY GHOST VIDEO (Amazing Ghost Footage!) - YouTube

  • lal
    @Kashish: Really great lol...had fun.😀
  • lovejeet
    nice trick dear............................... anyone knowing some more such tricks??????
  • think
    had done this before... did it will slippers.. and well played it seemed as if invisible person was moving...lolz

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