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@anurag mishra • 27 Feb, 2008
plzzzzzzzz anyone gve me idea 4 minor project topic quick
@Kaustubh Katdare • 27 Feb, 2008 Re: looking 4 minor project topic

anurag mishra
plzzzzzzzz anyone gve me idea 4 minor project topic quick
Quickly go through -

@m4enigma • 04 Mar, 2008 Re: looking 4 minor project topic

Abe tu yahaan pe bhi..

Kya la.. kya idea chahiye??
@Kaustubh Katdare • 04 Mar, 2008 Re: looking 4 minor project topic

Abe tu yahaan pe bhi..

Kya la.. kya idea chahiye??
enigma, please use English. That is the primary language of the forums.
@ronit • 02 May, 2009 could you suggest some minor projects related to power and control?
@Harshad Italiya • 02 May, 2009 Make on POWER FACTOR management
@remshad medappil • 26 Aug, 2009 For computer science i suggest
1.Library and school management application
2.Tetris Game
3.Hospital Management Application
4.Web Applications Like Hot Link protection , Online Designer.
@priyanka biswas • 24 Feb, 2010 Re: Looking for minor project topic on .net

Good morning sir/madam,

With due respect i want to say you that i want help for minor project topics on dot net. i will be very thankfull to you.😕
@jit9754 • 23 Mar, 2010 about minor project...

i am a student of engineering of mechanical branch.
i am in need of some topics about my minor projerct, i am so confused.
so please advise me for some topics for my minor project.
@lordisdeepak • 28 Mar, 2010 i am student of electrical and electronics engineering student wanted to do a project in this summer vacation . so please can u give me some idea for this. keeping this in mind that i am student of first year.
@user • 02 Apr, 2010 hi sir/madam...
can any one pls help me in doin mini project i need to know how to select a topic for mini project....pls help me...i m a second year student and i would like to start a project in this semester pls help me as soon as possible...
@sumith123 • 15 Jun, 2010 very important thing before going to select a project should be in your favourite subject
@bhavnatalesara • 10 Jul, 2011 I am a student of B.Tech III year (V sem)of Electrical and Electronics branch.I need your help to suggest me few minor project..I m also listing some of projects name....Please suggest me which one is more better ,as i m totally confused....
1.[FONT=&quot]FM Transmitter
2.Advanced FM Transmitter
3.FM ReceiverAutomatic
[/FONT][FONT=&quot]4.Two digit industrial object counter.
5.Three digit industrial object counter.
6.Mobile charger using IC 555
If u have another idea ,please suggest me........Thank you
@Kushagra Shukla • 19 Aug, 2014 hey i am final year diploma computer science student and i have been given a minor project in HTML...i have to create a simple static website..kindly help me out with the topics or any ideas i can use...Thank you
@oumar • 01 Sep, 2014 am student of bsc. Mathematics level 200, pls i need minor projects related to computer science.

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