@Ankita Katdare • 06 Dec, 2013
Logitech India, the company bringing computer peripherals is here with an exciting new product. It's the Logitech G440 and G240 Gaming Mouse Pads. A hard-core gamer knows how important it is to have a right pad under their mouse so that they can have their preferences executed perfectly. Keeping that thought in mind, Logitech has introduced these two new gaming mouse pads in India at reasonable costs. The Logitech G440 features a a low friction, hard polymer surface ideal for high DPI gaming, improving mouse control and precise cursor placement. the mouse pad's got a polyethylene surface, which makes sure the user needs minimum force to move the mouse and minimizes mistakes from overcompensation when starting or stopping.

Though it is nothing to boast about, the most essential feature of a good mouse pad is a clean and consistent surface area. And Logitech G440 has got it, thereby giving the mouse sensors better imagery for translating mouse movement. At the bottom, the G440 mousepad has got a natural rubber base firmly bonded to the high-impact polystyrene core, keeping the rigid surface right on the desk where you put it. Those mouse pads that slip at the wrong moment, move away! You can use it with optical or laser mice and its three-layer construction make it apt for gaming. The G440 measures 340 x 280 x 3 millimeters and weighs in at 229 grams. Here's what the mouse pad looks like -


Coming to the features of Logitech G240 Gaming Mouse Pad, we have a uniform cloth surface (Heat-treated at 200° C) for ideal surface friction perfect for low DPI gaming. This one again improves mouse control and brings forth precise cursor placement. The consistent surface texture on the G240 improves sensor performance, especially when used with Logitech G gaming sensors. There's a soft rubber base to the mouse pad for maintaining stability without sacrificing comfort and it's flexible cloth construction, gives G240 the ease of transport and let is lie flat when you’re ready to play.


Speaking on the launch, Subrotah Biswas, Director, Logitech India and South West Asia, said, "We are very thrilled to bring our gamers the new gaming mouse pads with stimulating features. Gamers always require convenient range of peripherals that offer a competitive edge. At Logitech, we have always been able to provide the high-end quality and user-friendly products at competitive prices."

The Logitech G440 and G240 gaming mouse pads have a price in India tag of Rs. 2,125 and Rs. 1,595, respectively. How would you like to buy these for your gaming stations? Share with us in comments.
@Ankita Katdare • 06 Dec, 2013 Here is a video describing the features of G440 Hard Gaming Mouse Pad -

The line is cool - Feel the adrenaline of hitting high speeds without spinning out of control!

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