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Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Jul 5, 2011

LiquidWeb Storm On Demand Adds Servers With 96 GB RAM - The Most Powerful Cloud Server Instance

StormOnDemand is the cloud computing arm of LiquidWeb - one of the leading web hosting providers in the industry. The company recently launched industry's most powerful cloud server instance recently with 96 GB RAM, 32 cores (at 2.0GHZ each, 64.0GHZ total). Each of the servers boast 3Gbit/sec write and 4 Gbit/sec read speeds. LiquidWeb claims that this is the best I/O performance available for any cloud server and says that this is the significant achievement for the cloud hosting industry.

Check Out Storm On Demand

Server I/O performance is one of the most critical parameter often overlooked parameter in the cloud hosting. It's more relevant in setups designed to share a centralized storage system. Storm On Demand servers have been engineered to overcome the common objection of I/O contention associated with switching to Cloud Computing. Storm On Demand also offers seamless scaling to better hardware and resources if the site demands. The process requires only few clicks from the user and everything else is done automatically. Matthew Hill, CEO Of Liquidweb (Recommended: Small Talk with Mattew Hill) spoke about the advantages of cloud computing  --“By introducing 96GB of Ram into our Storm Server line, we have deployed a cloud server powerful enough to serve nearly any hosting need at previously unprecedented speeds. We are looking forward to providing an exciting new option for both businesses looking to enter the cloud market, as well as those looking to expand to larger instance. The 96GB Storm Server means that literally any business application can be served from the cloud.

StormOnDemand offers great customer support and the servers are blazing fast. The only problem, the company needs to address is the downtime involved when the users migrate their setup from one instance to other. CrazyEngineers recommends StormOnDemand to everyone looking for high quality web hosting for their websites.

Disclaimer: Links included are affiliate links. CrazyEngineers recommends StormOnDemand.


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