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Liquid Robotics Make Robots Sail Through Pacific, Dive In Mariana Trench, Collect Data

Question asked by Farjand in #Robotics on Nov 20, 2011
Farjand · Nov 20, 2011
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Four liquid robots- a project by Liquid Robotics left the shores of San Francisco for a world tour aimed at collecting data across the Pacific on 17 November. The robots will mark a milestone in the realms of liquid robotics. The machines are so designed that they for pairs. One of the robots float on sea surface while other swims below it. Both the pairs of robots are scheduled to reach Hawaii together from where they will part. One pair will travel to Japan while the other to Australia. The robots are estimated to complete a journey of 60,000 km. The pair which has to go to Japan will also have a dive in Mariana trench-touted to be the deepest part of ocean.

Robots Will Gather Data while undergoing their journey

It is said that we do not understand even 1% of our oceans that we know about the universe. The robotic attempt is hence to boost the human knowledge of our oceans and collect information regarding various factors like salinity, temperature, weather in sea every 10 minutes. It will also increase our understanding of aquatic flora and fauna.
The robots will use the waves to propel themselves in the sea. Sensors which are fitted on them and will be powered by solar energy cells of the top robot panel. Arrangement is made so that the data collected will be streamed via Iridium satellite network. It can be accessed by anyone via Google Earth. It is estimated that data will be gathered at 2.25 million points across the route.

This is not the only thing. Liquid Robotics has also launched a competition to know how best the data can be put to use. The best suggestion will be awarded with six month access to the robots for study and research. The project is a non commercial one but is expected to be financially conducive to the oil companies for monitoring the oil rigs. But as the data will be available worldwide, more ideas are expected to come out of it.

Do not miss to check out the video-

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