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Line following robot ( with and without microcontroller)

Question asked by Abhishek Mehta in #Robotics on Jun 22, 2012
Abhishek Mehta
Abhishek Mehta · Jun 22, 2012
To make a line follower robot without microcontroller from scratch is very simple, all you
need is an acrylic sheet chassis, two DC BO motor, 1 caster wheel, 2 LDR sensors and transistors as motor driver circuit.

Making a grid following robot similar to the video shown below is a bit complex, but if basics are cleared this is not difficult. It is made using acrylic sheet chassis, 4 IR sensors, ATmega32 microcontroller, one Obstacle sensor, Two DC BO motors, One caster wheel, L293D motor driver circuit.

Thank you
Abhishek Mehta Posted in: #Robotics

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