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Lifts in high rise buildings


I have read through few articles and about burj Dubai as well, the thing I have understood is there will multi level lifts available in those buildings for going to the top of the tower.

The reasons behind them is the pressure at which the lift operates and the pressure the passenger can bear.

So what it takes to build a lift, I think the lifts (conventional) operates on a motor alone which makes the pressure a problem.

So what kinds of problems will the person face if carried in only one lift?

what it takes to build a lift to solve all the problems ?
I don't know about multilevel lifts can u explain?
Ankita Katdare
Ankita Katdare • Dec 3, 2013
Great topic, sandy!

High-rise buildings exist by the grace of elevators, and not vice versa. In a functional context, a tower’s elevator core is the building’s main artery, and in a constructional context, its spine.
Building the access must be playing a crucial role in the development and feasibility of high-rise construction plans!

This PDF can offer some help - planning for high rise buildings_DEF.pdf

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