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crook • May 7, 2006

Let us Promote Brand CE !

I just emailed all of my batchmates and asked them to join crazyengineers.

and I am feeling good. 😁

crook 😁
I just emailed all of my batchmates and asked them to join crazyengineers.
I am feeling good. 😁

crook 😁
Nice job done Crook....
--Crazy....Ce will rock soon😁
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • May 13, 2006
let us grow!

uh oh ! dunno how this thread got skipped through my eyes πŸ˜‰ . I see an increased traffic on our website since past 3-4 days. shall we say thanks to crook ! πŸ˜€ hope your friends don't frown at you for spamming their mailboxes 😁

Its really great to see that we are bonding with the crazy engineers from all over the world! Of course, everyday, we are getting closer to making this place a better place for engineers. The community prospers as more people join in and bring in their ideas.

Let us thank crook for his effort.

-The Big K-

p.s: For the records sake, this is the 1000 th post on CE forum. 😁
shall we say thanks to crook !

No never./....
Biigggi this is our forum so no need of thanks...
You should praise him...thats ok...
and fine...

again good work Crook....come and make this forun the biggest Engineers forum...

rick • May 19, 2006
i am in

I am joining the crazy engineers promoters league with crook. Count me in guys.

I have an idea. Let us make Crazy Engineers banners and use them in our emails as signatures. In addition, we can have a referral program.
crook • May 20, 2006
Welcome Rick. CE Promoters League sounds interesting 😁. I already use the "Join" in my email signature. Lot of my friends did visit our website and some joined too.

Idea of referral program is cool [​IMG] . Big K, do you have such program? I'm interested! Also Crazy Engineers banners is a nice idea ! πŸ˜€

crook rules!
Jerry • Jun 11, 2006
good idea

I liked Rick's ideas. How about having email banners or signatures? let us not bother K for this. can anyone of us make banners in photoshop or paint? flash banners will be good but I have no clue how to include them in email signatures.

Referral system is a good concept, but i think it will take time to set it up on forums. K can provide us the details about this. Meanwhile I did send the link to my colleagues and friends and many of them have joined.

We can also spread the word through messenger and our friends network. Anyone with a better idea? [​IMG]
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Jun 20, 2006
Setting up referral system is a nice idea and it can be implemented on forums. Then users of the forum will be able to send 'invites' to their friends/colleagues.

I'm more focused on restructuring the forums and getting quality content. Talks are on with a few people who would write articles for our forums. But it will take some time for the stuff to realize.

If you have any other ideas of promoting our forums, do post them in this thread. Or you can just start spreading the word by telling your friends and colleagues.

-The Big K-
rick • Jun 27, 2006
ce promoters

don't worry about the content. I do regularly spread the word about our forum by emailing or telling my friends & colleagues to join it.

i have no doubt that we will be a global brand one day 😁

I invite everyone to join the CE-Promoters league ! 😁


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