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    MemberSep 3, 2013

    latest Technical Terms And Buzzwords

    In this thread, there would be latest technical and general terms and buzzwords which i think we should be familiar with......contributions from all the members are invited.
    So lets start with a few terms.....

    Slack Space- it is the left out space in the cluster of the stored file. For example, the file system on the hard drive may store files in clusters of 8 kilobytes. If the computer stores a file that is only 4 kilobytes into a 8 kilobyte cluster there will be 4 kilobytes of slack, the slack is the left out space when a file is stored in a cluster of memory, and it can be used in Forensics research, since if a whole 8 kb cluster was filled with a file, which is overwritten by 4 kb file, rest 4kb can tell about the previous data...

    Google Chromecast- It is a device which is used to connect mobile, laptop, computer and other devices to Television and to wirelessly stream vedio to the tv screen. it supports video libraries like youtube, google play, pandora.

    selfie- selfie is a term used for a person who clicks his own photo from a camera in his/her hand.

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