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BLUEm00n • Jan 30, 2008

LASIK Risks and Benefits

I want to share this article that I read about Lasik.Since Im also planning to undergo in the near future. Hope this one will to give more knowledge about Lasik. Most patients are extremely pleased with their LASIK results. LASIK eye surgery benefits include improved visual activity, freedom from corrective eyewear, and possibly new career opportunities. Patients who achieve a successful LASIK outcome can eliminate their need for glasses or contact lenses, and enjoy the freedom of clear vision at all times. Patients can play sports, swim, spend a day at the beach, and participate in various activities without the restrictions that glasses and contacts bring. LASIK eye surgery is a safe and effective treatment that has continued to gain popularity among patients.
As with any surgical procedure, there are risks associated with LASIK, but in the hands of a highly skilled and experienced surgeon, LASIK is a particularly safe and reliable procedure. Nevertheless, you should talk with your surgeon about any risks associated with the procedure, as well as all the benefits. Keep in mind that at Lasik-1 your care will be entrusted to an industry leading surgeon who uses some of the most advanced LASIK technology available today. You can check Lasik Kansas City, St Louis, Creve Coeur, Missouri - Lasik 1 Centers for more information about Lasik. Godbless

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