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Laminations of steel for motor

Hi guys
Why iron core is thin & laminated in motor instead of solid core ?
For most of the applications in motors or transformers, silicon steel material is used for iron core ?
Why only these material is suitable for iron core ?
What kind of properties should a perfect iron core should have ?
Guys Im from mechanical background please help..
Thanks in advance.
The core must be a perfect path for the magnetic field but electrically insulating for minimal eddy current losses. Details are available in many text books and the net. This will start you with some basics:
3 Types of Magnetic Cores for Transformers & Electric Motors
Hi Sachin
Well iron Cores are prefered in Electrical equipments due to their high ferro magnetic effects.
It provides perfect path for magnetic field.
As you know Electricity & Magnetism are inseparable.
The Iron Sheets are laminated so as to reduce eddy current loss in the system.
The Suitable properties are linked here.
Have a Look.
Thank You .
Thank you... @A.V.Ramani sir and ...@ Tribikram Mishra.

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