key topics of electrial engineering

currently,im doing 2nd year in electrial engineering......
plz give some key areas which i need to concentrate the most and which have more scope in future

P.S: im new to this i dont know whether to post this type of threads or not


  • Alienator
    there are no particular subjects as key subjects.....everything is important as this is the gateway to engineering learn the basics now,which is important for your upcoming years...and regarding scope,find out which part you like the most and concentrate more on it since everything has scope nowadays.....the rest depends on you....good luck 😀
  • sisir47
    thanq .......
    also,post some mini projects, which i can complete in less time and low cost
  • Alienator
    figure it out youself when you complete this sem or do some stuff you need knowledge....and you will be able to do it 100% only when YOU choose the topic for your project....doing mini projects which others have done wont really help you...try something on your will get to know the difference
  • sheron
    Electrical engineering is a field of engineering that generally deals with the study and application of electricity It now covers a range of subtopics including power, electronics, control systems, signal processing and telecommunications .If you want to find the suppliers of Electrical plz click the link below
  • Mr.Don
    Key Topics of Electrical Engineering is basics.Power Systems,Machines,Control Systems.For a second Year Machines and Power Systems,Power Electronics Control Systems will give more scope for you but Every thing is important in Electrical Engineering.
  • karthiksubbu
    hi.i am new to this grp.. i am doing my second yr BE EEE .. i have identified VLSI as my area for PG as i have spl liking to it... can u pls guide me on how to go abt learning VLSI in the college level? whether any xtra coaching is reqd for it??
  • vikeshrajan
    Search Electronics for you magazine for mini projects.....
  • karthiksubbu
    Are ne courses related VLSI required to be done???

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