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bajiprakash • Dec 20, 2008

jig manufacturing

hai to every one, i am in 4th b-tech (andhra pradesh), i want to manufacture a drill jig, i have idea & visualisation but i don't have standard design data....
some one please send me data regarding drilljig.
omtrehan • Dec 28, 2008
What kind of drill jig you want design? Any drill jig is based on component design and tolrance etc required>
slugger • Dec 29, 2008
your question is too vague and your ideas about jigs comes across as weak [no offence buddy 😉, just an observation]

I suggest you go through a good handbook on Jigs and Fixture handbook

Our college got a few copies of Jig and Fixture Design Manual by Erik Henriksen

Though Final year guys get preferrence, I was able to go through it and I must say it is pretty darn awesome - must read for Jig and fixture designers
kingsly • Dec 30, 2008
1.first select the drawing of the component to be made by drilling..
2.using the drawing, design the jig according to some standards such as IS and select various parameters of jig...
3.draw the detailed drawing of the jig and start production
bajiprakash • Dec 30, 2008
[FONT="] thanks for reply...i have selected the drawing of the component to be made by drilling, by using that drawing design of jig was started that process i have a confusion regarding standards such as IS and parameters of jig......i gone through
various hand books for jigs & fixtures... but i couldn't find desired standards for my drill jig. send me where i can find more hand books for j[/FONT][FONT="]igs & fixtures.
omtrehan • Dec 30, 2008
Thanks for the suggetion to read more. Will do so and will try to find the specific book by Erik Henriksen you have mentioned. Best of luck on your project.


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