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Ambarish Ganesh
Ambarish Ganesh • May 13, 2012

Japanese Life-Like Robotic Bum 'Shiri' Reacts To Stimuli - Science Gets Cheeky!

'SHIRI' is a buttocks humanoid robot that puts across a wide range of emotions through the organic gestures of the synthetic muscles. Nobuhiro Takahashi and the University of Electro-Communications formulated this bot-bums to react to slaps, caresses, and finger-pokes. Don't say quirky just yet, there's a lot more left to be seen in the video.


The fake rear is made up of a silicon skin plus a "rigid urethane skeleton," in a life-like size. The embedded microphone in it detects pressure, and can identify various forms of pressure (the pressure actuators have a role to play here), thus expressing various emotions for various activities, for instance fear for slap, like for caress and so on.

Watch this video for sheer amusement:

Shiri in Japanese means 'buttocks', and so the robo-bums were so named. Next time you feel like spanking meat, you know what to look out for! Cheerios!

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