• To all the engineers from India and around the world, we wish you a very happy engineers day! Every year, September 15th is celebrated as engineers day all over India in honor of a legendary engineer of our times - Sir Mokshagundam Visvesvaraiah, popularly known as Sir MV. Born on September 15, 1860, Visvesvarayya is remembered for his work on the design of the flood protection system for the city of Hyderabad (capital of Andhra Pradesh) and as a Chief Engineer of the Krishna Raja Sagara Dam in Mysore. His contribution to the world of engineering earned him India's highest honor, Bharat Ratna award in 1955 and knighthood by King George V. His birthday today, is celebrated 'Engineers Day' all over India.


    We at CrazyEngineers wish all our fellow engineers a very happy engineers day. You are the nation builders and responsible for making our lives better to innovations and improvements in technology and implementation of science for the better livelihood of humans. The world wouldn't be the same without you. You wouldn't be reading this post had the world not seen greatest of the engineers.

    Interestingly, engineers day is celebrated on various days in different countries around the world. In Argentina, it's celebrated on June 16 in memory of Luis Augusto Huergo; the first engineer in Argentina. In Belgium it's March 20th, in Canada it's on June 14th, in Netherland on March 19th. Interestingly, Pakistan celebrates engineers day on January 10th - the day on which Pakistan Engineering Council came into existence for the regulation of engineering profession and education.

    At CrazyEngineers, we had announced a nationwide essay competition on behalf of this auspicious occasion. You may check all the entries here: Happy Engineers Day and we strongly recommend going through our #-Link-Snipped-# section which has all the interviews of the greatest contributors to the world of engineering & entrepreneurship.

    If you have interesting, funny one liners, quotes, SMS for engineers day, please do share them all with us through comments below.
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  • Raj A

    MemberSep 14, 2013

    Engineer's Day celebrated in diff countries
    Engineer's Day in Argentina---June 16
    Engineer's Day in Belgium-----March 20
    Engineer's Day in Canada------June 14
    Engineer's Day in Colombia----August 9
    Engineer's Day in Chile-------May 14
    Engineer's Day in India-------September 15
    Engineer's Day in Iran--------February 23...
    Engineer's Day in Italy-------June 15
    Engineer's Day in Mexico------July 1
    Engineer's Day in Nepal-------July 18
    Engineer's Day in the Netherlands--- third Wednesday of March
    Engineer's Day in Panama------January 26
    Engineer's Day in Pakistan----January 10
    Engineer's Day in Perú--------June 8
    Engineer's Day in Romania-----September 14
    Engineer's Day in Taiwan------June 6
    Engineer's Day in the United States---June 4
    Engineer's Day in Uruguay-----October 12
    Engineer's Day in Venezuela---October 28
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  • Rohit Nair

    MemberSep 16, 2013

    The great Godfather whose inspiration gave rise to many legendary and talented engineers...... 👍 A belated happy engineers day to all CEans......
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  • prahu mac

    MemberSep 16, 2013

    one of the greatest civil engineers of all time!!!!!!
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