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ironman • Apr 6, 2012

Is it possible to switch over from a career in Structural analysis to CFD analysis?

Hello friends, i put forth this question to all my mates here who are working in CFD or Ansys related jobs. Others are also welcome to share their knowledge on this.

My question is, if i start working in a simulation company which runs simulations and analysis on solid objects for design, is it possible for me to switch careers and go over to CFD and fluid analysis a couple of years down the line? Would the experience in solid analysis be counted?
mechky • Apr 8, 2012
Generally speaking, the experience will not be counted. But still it will depend on the type of industry in which you were working earlier and the industry in which you want to shift. Although in most cases the experience will not be counted.
Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Apr 8, 2012
Yeah, switching streams is indeed difficult; but it's not 'impossible'. How'd you justify leaving your current domain and opting for a new domain you aren't experienced in? Plus, it's little difficult to win the interviewer's confidence in such situations.
Vivien.hugo • Apr 8, 2012
Nothing is impossible as long as you convince the interviewer that you can do well in the new domain.
ironman • Apr 10, 2012
Thank you friends. i really wanted sound advice on this. The realization that i want to be in the fluids domain dawned on me only after i entered the solid design field.
I got my parents to invest a lot to teach me cad softwares before this. Now if i want to enter CFD the cad softwares would be of no use to me and i would have to learn CFD separately. I didn't want to tax my parents anymore so i decided i will continue here and learn CFD later with my hard earned money.
Thanks for responding guys!

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