Is building a freeware safer or a paid one?

I want all the CE developers to peek their nose into this topic.Consider if you are a developer and creating a new app or software.
What are the difficulties faced by you in creation and marketing in financial way?
Is creating a freeware/shareware/paid one safer?
If you are giving away your app for free how can you make profit of it¿
In app store we see a large segment of classification of freewares,paid ones,shareware and Which do you think that tge people will go for?

Methods to get profit out of freeware and marketing strategies?

My view:I feel especially Indian people prefer freewares than paid ones but best apps always forces us pay by giving trial version or free version with limited features.Then make us addict to it and grab money from us.


  • Nayan Goenka
    Nayan Goenka
    Well i think i can give a view on this since i am doing this daily myself
    Making freeware/ free stuff adds to your portfolio, advertisement, adsense earning, sponsors etc. Paid apps as you know give you direct income.

    For the difficulties you are asking about,

    Exposure, and perfection is what we aim at. We take on a project or two less but we dont screw up the existing ones. And the best publicity is word of mouth or you can say recommendations. Creation of the product is a complete vast topic and it involves a lot of things. There is a subject in V sem which we are learning right now called as Software Engineering and it focuses on all these aspects of development. It has various models and stuff.

    Co-incidently, currently I am writing this reply right from college lab where I am attending SE practical 😛

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