Is big science better than small science?

Big science refers to the massive projects, globally funded and staffed, involving thousands of scientists, projects like the Big Haldron Collider. Small science is where one or two scientists plod along with very little budget and support and work on problems of largely personal interest.
Which is producing better output?

Analogous can be large institutions like IITs and regular university colleges. Which produces better engineers in the long run in the national interest even if it is entrepreneurial effort of essentially private nature?

What is the take of CEans on Big Science vs. Little Science?

Big is Better?: Small Science vs. Big Science


  • Jeffrey Arulraj
    Jeffrey Arulraj
    Better output is not a practically achieveable thing

    I may be wrong But here is why I have this opinion
    • If research in a field is not continued then further improvement in that area is not viable economically
    • If we have better tech today It becomes obsolete tomorrow
    But Furtherment in science must every day act it can't be rated cos of a large or a small project

    Both scales are needed for a proper balance in growth of sccience

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