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Kaustubh Katdare
Kaustubh Katdare • Aug 11, 2016

IO Launch Is Really Really Exhausting!

At this time, I should rather be setting up our official blog at IO because it's task pending from my side for the last ~10 days; but a nasty issue has come up during our testing and that needs attention before everything else - because otherwise; those of you who signed up won't be able to log in!

For the past so many months, we've been dreaming of these days when we take our apps to our own CEans and everybody in our team is super nervous. Not because we've done anything wrong; but because we've set the bars just too high for us.

We have taken an approach that we'll roll out our 'beta' apps to our CEans and then keep improving these apps rapidly based upon feedback and suggestions. That's the best approach to take.

That said, launching IO is a very exhausting experience. We get tired, but the next task charges us up.

..and we are counting on all of you to make CE IO initiative successful. The future of CrazyEngineers depends upon it.

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