Management and whosoever it may concern...I need a siminar on the above (investigation and analysis of subsoil),
Before end of this month 31/01/2014


  • lal
    And, why should the 'Management' prepare a seminar for you?
    I thought one of the function of this site is to assist people having problem with issues regarding to Engineering.
    This is the reason why I notify the management. I'm not using a commanding tone rather I am only pleading,I need for my seminar.....thanksss!
  • lal
    If that was what you were trying to express, I do appreciate. But, you have to first share what you already know about it, the efforts you made to build up the existing information. Provide what you already know here so that others will get interested in the same topic.

    Sorry to say, the way you have made the post doesn't reflect any politeness, rather it sounds like "do it for me". The CrazyEngineers community is always up to help anybody in need. But no one gets a free lunch here, get involved!

    Any way, do share what you already know. I'm pretty sure, you'd find help here.

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