• Saurabh Singh founded AppStudioz in 2011 with an aim to "deliver apps well and deliver them fast". AppStudioz is a Noida based App development company.

    AppStudioz develops apps for all platforms and operating systems - iOS, Android, Windows Phone, etc. AppStudioz claims to have touched a revenue of $1 Million in just 2 years with around 1000 apps delivered successfully to more than 250 clients all across the world.

    Read the following interview to know more about AppStudioz and Saurabh Singh's ideas, views and suggestions to budding entrepreneurs.


    1. Can you please tell the readers about AppStudioz?

    AppStudioz was started in June 2011 with a handful of people with a mindset so high that it didn’t look back since then. Now AppStudioz is one of the leading company focused in mobility as a specific domain. We have developed more than 1000 apps within this short span and increased our head count to about 220. Our mission is to provide the best quality products to our clients so that they keep coming back which has been the success factor for us. We plan to achieve the position among world’s top mobile development agencies soon.

    2. Prior to AppStudioz, you have worked with XEN GlobalTech, SKAN DbyDx Software Pvt. Ltd. and BrickRed Technologies. We would like to know more about your background?


    In my professional life, I have been associated with multiple organizations and there’s a lot I have learnt from a few mentors I have been with. All this has shaped my thinking and attitude, which still helps me lead a young company of young and enthusiastic professionals. Based on my previous experience and my stint with AppStudioz in the last 3 years there are two key principles me and my team, at AppStudioz firmly believe in – No compromise with quality & delivering value to customers.

    3. Could you share the lessons you've learnt as an entrepreneur while starting, building & growing a startup?

    Initially, I was as unaware as any other person who starts working in this industry but I had a thirst to learn which always kept me on the brighter side. During different transitions of my career path I always wanted to learn something new and desired to do something big and stand on my feet. I never worked for money or fame, I just worked to learn and improve myself. As long as we have this motive to work we’ll be like a river, always moving forward. Always keep your senses open to receive knowledge and implement them whenever required.Being visionary also plays a big role in building and growing a company. Setting goals to achieve something and to achieve that goal we set some sub-goals.

    4. AppStudioz competes with players such as Sourcebits and RoboSoft. What makes you different from your competitors?

    We don’t feel like competing with any of the contractors in the market. We always have worked our way with the clients and all of them liked this. This is why we are at this position within this short span of time. We started with a different goal, which is to provide quality rather than cheap quote and that always worked. We don’t press our developers to work day and night for delivery, but we encourage them to produce quality which has become our trademark. Client’s expectation is one thing, but our own expectation while delivering a product has very high benchmarks. This makes us stand apart from the others.


    5. A good business idea is rooted in something you are passionate about. Could you explain it a bit in more detail with an example?

    I agree with that.

    A person who is passionate about anything can get the most out of it.
    I will take my own example, AppStudioz is not just a work for me, its my hobby, my passion as well. I am able to do well with AppStudioz because I never get tired of it. Suppose if a person is a software engineer and his hobby is Cricket, he’ll spend his office time in coding and his free time playing or watching cricket, but my work is my hobby. Therefore I can do it all day long without being bored or tired. Therefore I can do it all day long without getting bored or being tired.

    6. Most of your business comes from outside India, though the start-up is based in India. Any plans of expansion in the near future?

    We are actively partnering with technology giants from all-over the globe. We already have representatives in various countries like USA, UK, Australia, Qatar etc. We are widening our horizons and spreading our wings in regions where our clients have expansion plans. We aspire to build stronger partnerships in the eco system and take active initiatives towards creating a stronger workforce with a blend of localization to cater to the needs of the regional players in a better way.

    7. Could you briefly tell us about the laboratory and the kind of work being done at the lab?

    AppStudioz is a team of creative thinkers and proactive developers, with deep experience in creating top-notch web and mobile applications. Our project managers and team work very closely with client and ensure we meet product objective and client's expectations. Our Designers keeps themselves updated and always reach out for the latest design trends and guidelines. We organize regular knowledge sharing sessions within team to ensure frequent exchange of our day to day learning . We have been developing number of interesting apps like social networking, utility, productivity, consumer, 2D/3D high end games and various enterprise grade solutions which aim to provide productivity and efficiency at organization level.. We have also been working extensively on latest technology like wearable computing, Augmented reality and apps interacting with smart devices. Each day is a great learning experience for everyone who is associated with AppStudioz.

    8. You currently head a team of 150+. How did the team come together?

    Actually we are about 220 now. Initially we were a very small group but just like I said, we were determined to deliver quality. This attitude got a lot of recurring and new clients to us. This in-turn demanded more resource so we continued hiring developers. We have a balance among experienced and fresher. In some cases we were very lucky, we have got some very sound technology minded guys who are efficient as well. So gradually we kept increasing and now we are one of the biggest mobile development companies in India.


    9. Did you ever face any leadership challenges while managing the team at work?

    Well, now and then everyone faces a little difficulty managing a big team with people of different thoughts and mindsets, but the catch is, how do you make them feel and think the same way. I try to make them feel proud of AppStudioz. In a way they are not employees but they are themselves owners of the AppStudioz. That way they feel responsible for the growth of the company and contribute accordingly. This minimizes challenges as well.

    10. Thank you for your time. Any message for CrazyEngineers?

    Do your work as it is your hobby. You’ll cross the level of excellence.
    I always did something that I was a little not ready to do. I think , that is how you grow. You push through those moments, it’s then that you have a breakthrough. Sometimes that’s a sign that something really great is about to happen. You’re about to grow and learn something new about yourself and your capabilities.
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