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@Chirag Mehta • 24 Jul, 2015 • 1 like
It was days of April-2015,We were having semester examinations and also we were looking for an last vacation of our college life.Some of my friend had decided to go for Adlabs imagica but there was something different idea was in my mind.It was of Internship or training in MNC.
It was very difficult to find an industry from where i can enjoy my home as well as can learn something.Finally i found an power plant somewhere 20 km. from my was adani power,mundra-Asia's Largest thermal power plant.I applied for internship in it.After a week i got call from HR.He told me you have to pass through some formal procedures of our companies for doing training.
On the second day of my completion of exam i faced an HR for the formal procedure.I cleared it and from second day i joined them for my training.
On the first day i went to Plant.It took 1 hour for me enter into it because of some complicated security checking and verification.Then i went to the HR office and there i waited for 2 hours.Finally i was feeling tired and was in confusion about what i had to do.i was thinking of quit the training.
Then after long time one good news come that the you are going to the safety induction and then you would be handed over to the department.Now i can took long breath and went to the induction and finally to the department.
In department i was handed over to one of the manager of operation department.I was feeling awesome because i had seen actual boiler for the first time 1 meter prototype to 98 meter actual height.There was a maintenance time in the company so all the manholes were open so went inside there and take a glance of each and every thing.
Then on the preceding days with experts of each and every department i visited each parts of power plant system and learnt something which i could not get from the books.
The Actual look of turbine,Boiler,CHP,Cooling tower that i took and observed their design and maintenance aspects.
It was very enjoying experience in power plant to take internship because i could not get knowledge from books those i can have from practical as specially in my field of mechanical engineering.

- By Chirag Mehta
College: Birla Vishwakarma Mahavidhyalaya,V.V.Nagar
Internship @ Adani Power
Duration: 7 days
@Sagar Patel • 20 Dec, 2018

How i can do internship in adani? 

@Ankita Katdare • 21 Dec, 2018 • 1 like

@Sagar Patel They do regular recruitment cycles at their various campuses. You will need to keep checking on job portals for internships. Adani Power limited Ahmedabad campus has posted an internship opening over a month ago. Google it.

@Anupam Kumar • 21 Dec, 2019

Do Adani offers jobs after the completion of internship. Please reply


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