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@Dhruv Vashisth • 31 Jul, 2015 • 3 likes
Internship/Training is an important part of engineering curriculum. It provides an interface for us to be familiar with the respective industry. I carried out my first 6 weeks duration training at GAIL TRAINING INSTITUTE, NOIDA during 29th Dec. to 6th Feb., 2014 after my 5th semester.

I started searching for internships since September, 2014. My friend told me about this internship. I wanted to pursue this training so as to be acknowledged with the practical needs of the industry. Since I can use theoretical knowledge to pass the exam but to see the applications of the theorems and concepts learnt in classroom, training such as this was much needed.

I applied to this company through the Career and Placement Cell head of my college. On 23rd Dec. I got the offer letter from GTI. Since I live in Agra, so daily to & fro journey seems difficult. So I took a PG at Noida, which was closer to GTI.

The first day of work was a remarkable one. First of all there was a security check followed by the entry in the register before entering inside the work place. I met my mentor Mr. Shashank Saxena, CM (Training). We have a nice conversation in which I learnt that Shashank Sir is an alumini of IIT Roorkee, which is the mentor of my institute i.e. IIT Mandi.

There was an ease of comfort between us. Most of the thoughts that were shared were an enlightening experience. He asked if I had any query. Well there was this disturbing thought which I had ever since I spoke with my seniors ‘THE QUALITY OF TRAINING’. The most common impression about training for mechanical engineering is ‘YOU’LL LEARN HOW TO MAKE REPORTS’.

Well Shashank Sir ensured me that under his guidance he will make sure that I’ll have a good learning experience from GTI. He assured me that this training will also have a practical learning along with theoretical knowledge. So with this promise I was given my first task which was to get an overview of GAIL.

As per the instructions from Shashank Sir, I was allowed to use the library facility of GAIL. The internet facility was not provided to the trainees as per the GTI rules.

After finding out about the GAIL, Shashank Sir told me about a non functioning HVAC plant at GTI. This became the topic of my intern, ‘REALISING MAINTENANCE ISSUES IN HVAC PLANT AT GTI, NOIDA’.

During this internship I visited the HVAC plant at GTI and learnt about it. I became enlightened with the whole refrigeration process and working of HVAC in general. Also I noticed that the real working of HVAC was a bit complicated as defined in literature. While running a refrigeration system, economy too plays a major role. Apart from this the HVAC plant was 20 years old. So I also made suggestions about the technologies with which it can be replaced.

While working on the project I interacted with the technical staff and maintenance workers. The knowledge gained from their experience was immensely useful. They told about the various problems faced while operating the plant. One such problem was the available saline water which poses major operating issues. Desalination plants thus come to rescue. So it is not only refrigeration towards which you work. In order to achieve refrigeration one has to deal with lot other issues.

Duration: 6 WEEKS
@Ankita Katdare • 05 Aug, 2015 • 1 like @Dhruv Vashisth Between this period -
I applied to this company through the Career and Placement Cell head of my college. On 23rd Dec. I got the offer letter from GTI.
Were you asked to take a test or face an interview with GAIL team? What was the strength of the intern batch? Was there any eligibility criteria for selection of interns?
@Dhruv Vashisth • 05 Aug, 2015 The selection criteria was based purely upon the application and resume. There was not any interview. There were a total of 5 interns in ME.
@Ankita Katdare • 05 Aug, 2015 That's great. Thank you for sharing.

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