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ankit19 • Jul 28, 2008

Integration of RFID reader with microcontroller through serial port

hi everyone... i need to send the RFID reader(Promag GP30) data to a microcontroller (similar to 8051 but with two serial ports) and process the information (about RFID tag that is read) in the microcontroller and accordingly send data to a wireless device(zigbee based) using the other serial port .
I need help in the microcontroller code related to RFID frame received.
Please help...if someone have worked on a similar project.
amolhshah • Aug 1, 2008
the o/p of the RFID reader is RS 232 right@ 9600bps? so you will require MAX232 IC to interface the reader to the controller, you can also connect the reader to the PC's com port to read the data sent by the reader, use windows utility HYPER Terminal to see the what data is sent by the reader
check this link for hyper terminal setting
how to do two way serial communication between two computers......??
magnatron • Sep 23, 2011
why use the uC ? directly interface the RFID tag to the zigbee module. 'cse zigbee support RS232 communication.

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