• INSEAT 2012 is a Technical Festival organized by Vellore Institute of Technology.

    International Society of Automation VIT Students' Section (ISA-VIT) welcomes you to INSEAT 2012.

    This one day event by the name "ISAVIT National Symposium of Electronics and Automation Technology", to be held on 11th of February, 2012 will encompass technical talks by experts from the automation industry, workshops on PLCs, SCADA, HMI and other related concepts by professionals.

    This will be followed by a paper presentation competition, which will attract some dynamic ideas from leading institutions in India.

    ISA-VIT is a vibrant and innovative technical student body, which believes in the spirit of innovation. In line with our belief, we hope to see bright minds come up with their ideas and concepts to the symposium, to witness a celebration of electronics and automation technology.

    For more details, queries and registration; visit their website:
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