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@arnab.aeroman • 16 May, 2011
I have just completed my second year for aeronautical engg. any one can tell me a place where i can do inplant training related to my field. plz give contact details..
@kingatheek • 18 Jun, 2011 Re: Inplant training for aeronautical enggineers

you could try in HAL or Taneja aerospace
@arnab.aeroman • 05 Jul, 2011 Re: Inplant training for aeronautical enggineers

u know contacts and details for hal..
@saji M • 30 Nov, 2015 Could u please tell me how get implant training in HAL
@saji M • 30 Nov, 2015 Can any one tell me how to get implant training in HAL
@kingatheek • 30 Nov, 2015 I dont have contacts.. but I suggest you to mail to hr..regardin dis..
@kingatheek • 30 Nov, 2015 I suggest you to send a mail to hr of aero related company.. regardin dis..

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