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@Ankita Katdare • 01 Dec, 2010
Campus recruitment are on the upsurge. Lots of final year students are discussing & asking questions about Infosys recruitment process.

Can anybody share with us about the the latest Infosys Recruitment procedure?
@Kaustubh Katdare • 01 Dec, 2010 Someone correct me if this's been updated in 2010 -

1. Logical/Puzzle Solving Test -

Exam duration is 90 minutes, with first 60 dedicated for solving 10 puzzles and remaining 30 minutes to answer about 45 English questions. Quite a few test takers have said that it's only the puzzles section that is moderately difficult. The English test is very easy. All you need to crack it is basic English skills. However, you might have to prepare for the puzzles section. The most recommended book is 'Shakuntala Devi''s puzzles book. It's recommend that you solve the complete book and understand 'the way' in which they are solved. Focus on the puzzle solving procedure - that's most important when you get unseen puzzles.

2. Those who clear the first test are called for personal interview. Now, you might take it for granted that those who crack the first test will get selected in the personal interview; unless you are a total disaster when it comes to speaking. You must be able to communicate in English. Don't be in a hurry to answer the questions. Just take your time, think before you speak and you'll find yourself inside Infosys.

If you have questions on how to prepare for Infosys or any other companies, post them here. We all CEans are eager to help you. Keep check on this section: CE - Careers | Jobs | Higher Education
@Yamini L • 01 Dec, 2010 As far i know, even now there are only 2 rounds in the selection process of infosys.
First as always would be an aptitude test.You are expected to have good problem solving and time managing skills.

The areas you might me tested on include logical reasoning, data interpretation, sufficiency and verbal ability.
Regarding HR round (a bit tricky) , people expect you to know each and every word mentioned in your resume.

You might be asked to cite situations in real life wherein you acted as a good leader or a good team player. The only thing is that you must be able to convince them that you have the willingness to learn any new technology and that you have good soft skills.

In fact, most of the top people at infosys are from non IT / computer discipline.
They never expect you to be technically very sound,the only thing they expect is whether you have a open heart and positive attitude towards your work.
@Kaustubh Katdare • 01 Dec, 2010 @Miniy: Yeah, As I've said in many other posts that the "ONE" thing recruiters are looking for is "Will I be happy to have this person in my team?". If the answer is yes, you'll get selected. If no, you might be recommended for another interview or opinion will be left for someone else on the Interview panel.
@Deepika Bansal • 02 Dec, 2010 What type of questions are there in the aptitude test.......Please let know about both the puzzles and the verbal question...

PS: I am not very confident about my aptitude.....
@Saandeep Sreerambatla • 02 Dec, 2010 To gain confidence in solving Aptitude I recommend to solve all the questions from the book R.S. Aggarwal. You will automatically gain confidence.

Puzzles: Shakuntala Devi.

You can post your questions in forum if you dont get the answer and moreover there are many interesting questions and puzzles in section.
@Yamini L • 02 Dec, 2010
Deepika Bansal
What type of questions are there in the aptitude test.......Please let know about both the puzzles and the verbal question...

PS: I am not very confident about my aptitude.....
Mostly, your math skills would be tested for..regarding verbal , you will be given a long passage and based on that they might ask simple questions. The most important thing is once you go through the whole passage you can easily find out the answer, but you will not have enough time to do so.

Long back, in infosys selection process you will get questions only from shakunthala devi, but now as the pattern is changed they dont concentrate much on that..
May you might be asked to solve one or two puzzles in the HR round, just to know how good you are in problem solving. The way you approach a problem is most important rather than whether you solve it or not. Try to avoid brute force methods.
@Deepika Bansal • 04 Dec, 2010 Thank you both....... 😛
Now i have got an idea..........
@tgbira • 19 Apr, 2011 did infosys conduct group discussion in campus recruitment...
@gs131016 • 20 Aug, 2011 can someone help me with infosys latetst test pattern?
@Reya • 21 Aug, 2011 Recruitment process in North India for 2012 batch:

1.PPT/Q-A Session (60 minutes) in the morning, to be followed by
2.Filling up of application blanks (30 Minutes)
3. Test of Arithmetic Reasoning and Analytical Thinking (40 minutes)
4. Comprehensive test of communicative English (35 minutes)
5. Personal Interviews (As per schedule to be published at the Campus)

Recruitment process in South India:
INFOSYS will conduct written examination for eligible candidates. Candidates who passed the examination will be called for personal interview. The written examination will be in objective type.

@gs131016 • 21 Aug, 2011 thanks...
if there is any change in pattern of questions (for south india)... please update.
@Reya • 22 Aug, 2011 Infosys previous year questions:

Part 1
(1) 9 cards are there. u have to arrange them in a 3*3 matrix. cards are of 4 colors.they are red,yellow,blue,green.
conditions for arrangement: one red card must be in first row or second row.2 green cards should be in 3rd column.Yellow
cards must be in the 3 corners only. Two blue cards must be in the 2nd row. Atleast one green card in each row.
Yello Red Gren
Blu Blu Gren
Yello Gren Yello
2). 4 cards are placed on a table, each card has two colors. U don't know the color of the back side of eachcard.4 persons A
B C and D are sitting on the table before the cards. They can see Red, Green Red and blue .Out of the 4 poeple 2 always lie.
They see the color on the reverse side and give the following comment
A: Yello/green
B: Neither Blue/nor Green
c: Blue/Yello
D: Blue/ Yello
find out the color on the other side of the 4 cards
3.Red and brown tribes [FROM BARRONS GRE] Conditions to get married with each other.
4. Venn diagram regarding Rich, muscular, soft-skinned, employed, etc.,( Refer BARRONS GRE GUIDE)
problem no: 3. ( Brothers and Sisters) A family I know has several children. Each boy in this family has as many sisters as brothers but
each girl has twice as many brothers as sisters. How many brothers and sisters are there?
ans: 4 boys and 3 girls.
2. No. of animals is 11 more than the no. of birds. If the no. of birds were the no. of animals and no. of animals were the no. of birds( ie.,
interchanging no.s of animals and birds.), the total no. of legs get reduced by one fifth (1/5). How many no. of birds and animals were there?
ans: birds:11,animals:22
3. In a soap company a soap is manufactured with 11 parts. For making one soap you will get 1 part as scrap. At the end of the day u have 251
such scraps. From that how many soaps can be manufactured? ans: 22 + 2+ 1 = 25.
4. 2 * * |
3 * * | No. 7 does not occur in this
---------------- |
5 * * | multiplication.
* 4 * |
* * 3 | Find the product.
---------------- |
* * * * * |
---------------- |
ans 2 8 1
3 2 2
5 6 2
5 6 2 0
8 4 3 0 0
9 0 4 8 2
5. There is a 5digit no. 3 pairs of sum is eleven each. Last digit is 3 times the first one. 3 rd digit is 3 less than the second. 4 th digit is 4 more
than the second one. Find the digit.
ans : 25296.
6. There are five thieves, each loot a bakery one after the other such that the first one takes 1/2 of the total no. of the breads plus 1/2 of a bread.
Similarly 2nd, 3rd,4th and 5fth also did the same. After the fifth one no. of breads remained are 3. Initially how many breads were there?
ans : 31.
Problem No: Problem 27( Down the escalator)
ans : the no of steps in the stair way : 46
8.Harbour line and Main line Problem of Sakuntala Devi Puzzle
book. Ans : 4/5.
( More Puzzles book)
9.There are some chicken in a poultry. They are fed with corn One sack of corn will come for 9 days.The farmer decides to
sell some chicken and wanted to hold 12 chicken with him.He cuts the feed by 10% and sack of corn comes for 30 days.
So initially how many chicken are there?
10.Two people X & Y walk on the wall of a godown in opposite
direction. They meet at a point on one side and then go
ahead. X after walking for some time, walks in opposite
direction for 15 mtrs.Then again he turns back and walks
in the original direction. What distance did Y walk before
they met again, if X walks 11 mtrs by the time Y walks
8 mtrs.
11.Problem from SAKUNTALA DEVI 'PUZZLES TO PUZZLE U'. Problem no: 23( Walking back to happiness.)
The walking time : 55 mins. With this The paper has been completed. For the lack time I have'nt typed those probs, which are in Sakuntala Devi
Puzzle books. I wish all of you the best.
Send me the mail immediately after the written test will
be over. thank you.
-Sarma. B. Y.
We do not remember the questions exactly, here we just tried to cover
the major areas.
Paper consists of two sections : 1. analytical (20 marks)
2. C skills (20 marks)total time 45 min
1. Given a cube, with different colors on its faces, and then is cut into 64 pieces, and the questions relate to the colors of different
colored small cubes.
2. A few ladies and gents sit around table in some given order and 4 questions are about their seating arrangement with some restrictions.
3. Draw a venn diagram for 3 items : white, flowers, cloth
Ans : draw 3 circles each intersecting the other , with white kept in the middle.
4. A problem related to seating arrangement of 4 people ( 2 ladies and
2 gents) with some restrictions
5. problem related to milk with water added to it for three times
Ans: 20.5 litres
6. Problem related to diagrams . Five diagrams were given and asked to
find the sixth one.
1. Max number of nodes in a binary tree with height 3 is 20 : Ans: False
2. 10,20,30,40,50,60 : give the order when put in a queue and in a stack
Ans : Queue : 10,20,30,40,50,60
stack : 60,50,40,30,20,10
3. Debugging is the process of finding
Ans : logical and runtime errors
4. trace the error:
void main(){
int &a;
/* some other stuff here */
Ans: syntax error
5. a problem with a function named 'myValue' will be given and asked to
find the value of main() for an argument of 150,
Ans : 150
6. Some problems related to 'for' loops.
Š 7. problem on conditional inclusion.
8. problem related to depth first and breadth first search (DSA subject)
9. study the syntax of malloc function
10. locate the error
int arr (20);
Ans: syntax error.
the above are only the guide lines, may not be the exact paper.
There are two sections in Intergraph.
1.Aptitude 20 nos
2.'C' Programming
1.Non-verbal questions
2.Venn diagram
Draw venn diagram for flowers,white,clothes
(Complete question is not there)
ABCDEF -->Boys
PQRST -->Girls

a.A will with D
b.S will with T
c.B will with R
d.C and Q wants to be in the same team.
5. Matricide:Mother::Homicide:?
a)Human b)Children c)Father d)NoneŠ
8.Rs.3 costs 5 oranges.Then sold each orange at 1 rupee each.Then sold each
orange at 1 rupee each.For Rs.36 profit what is the no. of oranges
9.The wages of the worker was increased from Rs.18 to Rs.21 per week.The
average working hours is 7 hrs/day instead of 8 hrs/day.How much fast wokers
should do work?
10.A sales person visits M,N,P,Q,R and S
S can be varied according to the question.
13.A cube is colored on the opposite faces blue,black and yellow.It is
then cut into 36 cubes.Out of which 32 were small cubes and 4 where big
a)How many cubes were there,colored on the face
b)How many cubes were colored on three faces.
16.A cask contain 40 liters milk.8 liters we taken out and filled with
water.The same process is contained second&third time.How much amount of
milk will be there?
'C' language
1). main()
int a[100];
int i;
x= 0
y= 100

2). union(one questions) Ans:a
3). Debugging
Ans: Logical&routine error

Source: Careers > Jobs | Placements > Placement papers -
@Dibyajyoti Anshuman Nayak • 07 Sep, 2015 I have my Infosys drive on should i prepare myself to crack the online test? What are the topics i should study?.
@Kaustubh Katdare • 07 Sep, 2015
Dibyajyoti Anshuman Nayak
I have my Infosys drive on should i prepare myself to crack the online test? What are the topics i should study?.
You have to be good at puzzle solving and logical reasoning. For the Group Discussions and Interviews, we've lot of interesting resources in our 'Downloads' section. Check it out!

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