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I'm willing to do PG in Engineering. I wanted to know how to apply for GATE & GRE. I have some questions:

1.What are the exams i need to take to study abroad? & How/Where should i apply?
2.What will be the Fee-structure for PG(both GATE & GRE)? & How to arrange heavy amount?
3.Can i use old GRE Books for new scheme of GRE? & How to prepare/score well in GRE?
4.What are the restrictions for applying GATE & GRE?
5.What is the Question Paper Pattern in GATE & GRE?
6.How many years of preparation is required? Which is the suitable time for writing those exams?

Any Links where i can get some good information.


  • gretaker

    I am a fresh grad myself & don't know the exact details but will tell you what I have come to know.

    1. If you want to go for an MS in the US then you have to appear for GRE + TOEFL. You can get all the info at the official site as under:

    2. You'll have to research for the fee structure. Don't know much other than the fact that State universities demand a lower fee. I am myself researching about the scholarship criteria.

    3. You can refer to old books but make sure that you practice sufficient questions as per the revised pattern. ( Again refer to the above link for all the material + differences in old & new pattern ).

    You'll find answers to all your queries at the GRE site.

    I do not know about GATE requirements. I suggest you visit the sites for the IITs.
    thanks gretaker; but i didn find any suitable information in that link.
  • SheldonCooper
    First read all the posts under 'Post Graduate Entrance exams' here.You will find many links as well required info here.Also google for a blog named 'inspirenignite' you will find detailed information about GATE and many such exams for mtech.

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