Increasing efficency of windmill

if i will use barnoulli's principle which says that fluid flows from higher to lower pressure area

so in case of wind mill if we be able to give a shape in front of the blades so that wind can flow from higher to lower pressure then speed will automatically increase and hence the efficency this shape will be like dome type above the blades or few stages in front of the blades

this method is used a lot in the ancient arctecture mostly in the rooms where the ceiling was not flat but was like in dome shape this gives a better wind in the rooms than the outer environment please give commments over this idea


  • gohm
    So basically creating a turbofan like used in jet/helicopter engines? It would be interesting to see the benefits vrs. deflection of the wind to ensure you are gaining.
  • abhisheo
    no i am not thinking to change the present structure of windmill but i wants to add new structure to it so that wind can blow faster by Barnoulli's principle
  • devesh9749
    dude i have been thinking the same thing i.e. the efficiency of windmill

    i am thinking of designing a convergent shape which can be placed in front of the blades so that the air flows in a streamline fashion and comes out at a higher speed at the convergent end and hits the blades.

    do reply if u are also thinking of doing a project on this.
  • Jeanius
    Interesting idea, but you'd have to take into account any added weight that'd be inherent in redesigning the blades, since you'd have to structurally modify the blades to support greater wind speeds. Maybe this has been drilled into the ground already, but reducing friction between the moving parts could greatly increase efficiency. Just my $0.02.
  • eyez2kill
    great idea
  • vaitheeswaran
    yeah, well said, that's why many of the wind mills are placed in the region joining eastern and western ghats in south India to have higher efficiency thereby following the Bernoulli's theorem.......
  • patel kartik
    patel kartik
    im intrested in incresing in efficency of windmill in my final year diploma mechanical engineer.
    so,you may help me about this topic.
    thank you.
  • Lock-Os
    Magnetic Bearings come to mind. Not cheep, but very low friction.
  • patel kartik
    patel kartik
    i m study in final year in diploma mechanical.
    i make a project on increasing of windmill.
    so, you send me all of material on this topic.
  • deepu800
    I am also interested in doing windmill as my final year project .
    can u send details to me...

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