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@Ankita Katdare • 07 Jun, 2015
IES or Engineering services exam is taken by thousands of aspirants each year. We need to build a repository of the best book books for different subjects of the IES Mechanical syllabus.

If anyone of you has any recommendations about the mechanical engineering reference books for IES 2015 OR IES 2016 syllabus, please post them below.
@Ankita Katdare • 10 Dec, 2015 So, here are some top titles for IES Mechanical Engineering preparation -

  1. Fundamentals of Classed Thermodynamics - Van Wylen
  2. Heat Transfer - Gupta Prakash
  3. Heat and Mass Transfer - R. Yadav
  4. Fluid Mechanics - D.S. Kumar Cengel & cimbala
  5. Energy Conversion - Sukhalmoy
  6. Material Science - WD Callister IP Singh
  7. Environmental Pollution Central Engineering C S Rao
  8. Surveying and Levelling - T P Kanetkar
  9. Mechanical Vibrations - V.P Singh , G.K. Grover
  10. Heat Conversion - Arora & Kundwar
  11. Manufacturing Science - R K Jain
  12. Thermodynamics - R Yadav
  13. Theory of Mechanics - S S Rattan
  14. Theory of Mechanism and Mechanics - Jagdish Lal.
  15. Mechanic of Solids - Popru
  16. Manufacturing Science - Ghosh and Malik
  17. Operations Research - A.M. Natarajan, P.Balasubramani
  18. Manufacturing Technology - P N Rao
  19. Production Manangement - R K Jain
  20. Principles of Manufacturing Material & Process - Campbeu

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