Do you know, we are still living in the Stone Age? We still communicate in Morse code. We still use steam piston for most of the power (at least most).

Guess how and if you don’t get it then highlight the text below:

Stone Age: All electronics and IC's are made up of SiO2. That’s stone and sand! 😀

Morse code: We still communicate and store our data in off's and on's (0's and 1's) as we did with the Morse code! 😀

Steam Engine: Every possible way for generating power uses the steam engine phenomenon. Even in nuclear plants, water is heated and used to rotate large turbines! 😀


I came to think of this because of an article in IEEE June 2006 Spectrum magazine on semiconductors. At the end of a paragraph it was there. “...all from rocks”.

Imagine, technology is all on earth, just the way we bring it out is what matters. In a good way or a bad way, depends on us how we use the Wisdom!

Tell me why do you think we have advanced so much and still have world problems? How far till we move on to other planets? And lastly, how long will we survive?


  • technospartan
    well the materials that are mainly used are obtained from we have an alternative?????????

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