IIT Kharagpur - National Students' Space Challenge - 27th-28th August 2011

The National Students' Space Challenge is now open for all.

Build the next generation lunar rover or a water-rocket; design a lunar research facility or an underwater rover - what ever you do, its your chance to achieve glory in the first ever national level space competition organised in India. And you could win the prizes worth Rs. 40,000!

Set the power of your imagination free - and let the challenge begin.


  • WaterRocketry - The Rocketry Challenge : The water rocketry challenge is a competition to build a rocket powered by pressurised water. The competition focuses on designing better rocket designs that would achieve the teams to obtain a the greatest range of flight, when launched at a particular angle from the horizontal. The participants need to study the basic of rocketry and come up with their own designs.

  • MoonLab Challenge - The Lunar Settlement Design Challenge : India has already touched the lunar soil through the Chandrayaan - I mission and very soon the robots of the Chandrayaan -II mission woulb roving the lunar surface. Its high time that we start prepare for human exploration of the lunar Surface. Operation MoonLab is a competition about designing a research settlement on the surface of the Moon. The teams need to represent a company and send in proposals for their settlement designs. The teams must take care of all perpectives of survival of humans on moon - air,food,water, etc. The MoonLab Mission is scheduled to last for a period of 10 years in which at any moment approximately 100 residents would live on the settlement. The competitions consists of two stages :-
    1. Preliminary Online Submission: All teams would be required to send electronic versions (in PDF/Microsoft Office Word/Open Office Word format)of their proposals to #-Link-Snipped-# latest by 24th July, 2011.
    2. On-spot Presentation : Teams shortlisted on the basis on online submissions shall be invited to present their proposals in front of eminent judges.
  • Submerge - The Underwater Robotics Challenge : Using an underwater environment to simulate the conditions of space, the underwater robotics challenge is all about making highly maneuverable underwater rovers . The teams need to make rovers that can perform several tasks that shall be assigneed underwater, while sticking to a pre-determied path.
  • MoonBots - The Lunar Robotics Challenge : Build the next generation of manual rovers that can traverse through one of the most difficult terrain , the lunar terrain. The teams need to focus on building better vehicle designs to overcome the problems of a rough terrain and perform specific tasks.
You may register for the event at: #-Link-Snipped-#


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