• In a move to boost entrepreneurship among engineering students, IIT-Bombay has come up with a new schemes. IIT Bombay students can start their companies and if the company fails, they can apply for campus placements and get a job after 2 years. Read the news: #-Link-Snipped-#

    Really? Are you serious? Killing all the 'fire' and desire to succeed which is essential factor for the success of any venture? Come on!

    I think for any startup the deciding factor is the 'fire' - when don't have much to fall back on and have the desire to go on even during the odds will contribute a lot to your success. If IIT really wants to help students build startups, then they should give them free time to work on their projects. If Google can give their employees 20% of their time to work on their own projects; why can't IITs? Create an environment and role models to inspire engineering graduates to start up! What do you think?

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    MemberNov 8, 2011

    You decide whether it suits this topic. I just came to know that Government wants to boost entrepreneurship. They are giving out INR 1 million loan for a suitable idea. I don't remember the name of scheme. The interest rates are quite low.

    OK now coming to point of IITs, I have heard of many IITans who have started on new projects. I was thinking if working on existing business line can be a good option. IITs should give time for youngsters else they have to waste their years taking experience.
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