Satya Swaroop Dash
Satya Swaroop Dash
Computer Science
13 Sep 2016

If You Getting Bored In A Lecture This Facial Recognition Tool Will Inform Your Professor

As students we have all been there, a professor whose lecture seems to go on for ages. All you can do is sit there with the straight face trying your best to hide a yawn or two. If the technology developed by a Computer Science Professor from China’s Sichuan University gains popularity then your educator may soon be able to know if his/her lectures are putting you off. Wei Xiaoyong from the aforementioned university has tweaked a facial recognition system to scan faces of students and to figure out if they are getting bored or not.

Bored Students

The way how his facial recognition works is simple. He has devised the facial recognition system to produce a curve for each student that indicates if they are happy or neutral. This data can be computed to find out whether they are bored or not. His vision behind this technology is quite laudable. He wants to find out points in his lecture where students are losing interest, map those points with his lecture and figure out how he can make those portions more interesting so that the students do not lose attention.

Wei Xiaoyong

Wei Xiaoyong has been using facial recognition technology since five years. He employed this technology for the first time to register attendance of his students when he found out that taking manual attendance was taking a lot of time from his lecture. He has also passed on his new found use of facial recognition to his colleagues in the country who are trying it out in their classes. If this gains momentum soon you might find yourself being filmed for your emotions. But then again there are some of us who are always bored with the idea of classes.

Source: Telegraph via Engadget

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